Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 2

Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Noblesville, IN

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Through imported garden mulch and soil.

Symptoms: Jonah started with a loss of appetite and moderate swelling in his muzzle. I also noticed two sores on him (chin and back) that weren't healing. I also noticed a lot of panting, listlessness, and him favoring his back legs. I took him in for the muzzle, thinking that the sores would go away. The first vet said the sores were a staph infection and that the muzzle was an allergic reaction. He prescribed a cortizone shot and an antibiotic. In four days, there were no changes, and the sores were worse. I took him to another vet, who said the muzzle was within normal limits (I knew it was swollen for him) and that he had a swollen lymph node in his leg. He said to stop the antibiotic and gave benadryl. In another week, he was no better, and had a swollen lymph node in his neck, so I took him to a third vet. That vet said he probably had lymphoma, took aspirates of three nodes, and said it looked like there were cancerous cells. He sent them off on a Friday for cytology to confirm. In the meantime, I found this forum, and noticed how many of Jonah's symptoms matched Blasto. By Monday we had a positive diagnosis for Blasto.

Treatment: 150 mg fluconazole twice a day for 60 days. I may ask for more based on this forum.

Cost of Treatment: $412 with the two misdiagnoses and two months of fluconazole. May be more with extended treatment.

Additional Comments: Had I not pushed for more treatment, I feel Jonah may not have made it. I ignored the first two vets who misdiagnosed him and told me to "wait and see." If I had, I shudder to think of how this fungus would have multiplied. The final vet told me that my tenacity probably saved his life. I knew deep down that he was sick. If you do, DON'T take what the vet says at face value! You know your dog! Be tenacious and get help soon!

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