Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Year: 2007

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Bloomingdale, IL

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: The only place Sonny could have caught Blasto was when my neighbor put in new mulch, Sonny only spent time on our cement patio, which was fenced in. My neighbor has 2 dogs but has an invisable fence along his driveway and that is where the new mulch was, we also have a large yard and his dogs go everywhere. I never took Sonny where other dogs go, it was either on my patio or long walks on the paved road.

Symptoms: Around the first week in September My 5 year old Morkie (Sonny) yorkie/maltese mix, began acting lazy several weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, I heard a rattle in his breathing, he felt warm, I took him to my vet, he advised me that Sonny had an upper respiratory viral infection, gave him antibiotics and a cortizone shot, that night he was as normal as ever, 3 days later, on Friday, he was having a hard time breathing, took him back to Bloomingdale Hosp where they admited him, put him on an IV, and by Sunday they called and said he was better, I could pick him up Monday. Monday morning, I was shown xrays from Saturday and from Monday, his lungs were worse and they advised me to take him to Arboretum View Critical Care in Downers Grove, Il, where he was admitted thru the ER, the Dr looked at the xrays and advised me it was either cancer or a fungal disease, 4 hours later they sent him home and advised that it was Blasto and are waiting full confirmation and bring him back Tues, I did.

Treatment: I had to pick up Itraconazole from Walgreens, he was in ICU, in an oxygen cage for 4 days, he has the infection in his lungs, no where else. He was sent home on Friday, just layed there, Sunday he acted normal, Monday back to lameness, took him back for bloodwork, his liver enzymes were up, as his white blood cells, I was told to give him antibiotics because he has an infection and to lower the Itraconazole doze, all together he lost 4 lbs he is 12 lbs. He was diagnozed on Sept 17th and he died October 1st. I had to put him to sleep because he was so weak, couldn't breathe, could not sleep, I could not see him suffer any more.

Cost of Treatment: The costs between the two hospitals and the meds, was almost $7,000.00 in just 2 weeks.

Additional Comments: Sonny is my heart, we were together 24/7, he saved my life when he was just one year old, I had a heart attack, I couldn't breath or talk, he jumped off my lap, ran upstairs, jumped on top of my daughter who was asleep, barked until she got out of bed and came downstairs, saw me and called 911. I have a picture of me & Sonny right in front of me as I am writing this, I was a police officer for 34 years and I only cried once and that was when my mother died. When Sonny died, I cried for weeks, I say a prayer everynight for him and I miss him more now than ever, I love him with all my heart and I really miss my best friend. Frank

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