Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 8

Year: 8

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Vermont

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Local woods

Symptoms: Three week prior diagnosis coughing like she would have hairball. A bit slower than usual, however we thought it was the heat. At the day of diagnosis (Saturday) she collapsed, while walking.

Treatment: We brought her into emergency hospital the same day she collapsed. After ride in the fully air-conditioned car, she seemed fine and did not actually have elaborated breathing. We felt silly. However, just shortly before leaving she started whizzing and the vet decided to do x-ray. Her full panel blood work was perfect! The emergency vets suspected or bacterial pneumonia or blasto and initially put her on antibiotics. On Monday we brought our Lady to our vet. The vets were initially resistant to the idea of blasto. But I did my research on your WEB and tried to argument well, actually we already had a urine sample with us for the antigen test! To us Maja’s x-ray looked exactly the same like posted x-ray of the Charlie dog on the web. At the time of the vet visit Maja spitted mucus with blood. They did cyto on it and excluded bacteria and cancer. We decided on Monday already while waiting for urine test to put her on Sporanox. Maja is 75lbs and we put her on 2x a day 200mg. plus we switched to broader band antibiotic. Maja did responded to Sporanox in a classic way. First she got really bad. Based on the post from this web I asked for the Prednisone, which I think saved her life and she did not suffocate. We are not even a week from diagnosis and Maja is for the first night dreaming and breathing well. I hope she dreams something good.
Just today we got news about the antigen test and it is inconclusive. The vet is puzzled but we still think it is blasto or other fungi.

I have to admit that I studied every case described on this webpage. The important advice I would have following our observation was to start cooking for Maja human food, which she could not resist. My mother suggested cooking a chicken soup and stripping the meet from the bones and giving to the dog with cooked carrots and other vegetables like parsley and celery root. Even really weak, she could not resist it. The soups we cooked provided her with nutrition and liquid.
Futher, I would suggest starting Sporanox as early as possible it does not have such bad side effects as we were informed by docs.

Cost of Treatment: ~2000$ with the Sporanox for 10 days (40 pills). the cost includes, x-rays, full blood work, cyto, antigen test, consultation with radiologist (truly good idea), emergency fees and other vet fees...

Additional Comments: Two days after Maja was diagnosed with pneumonia our 18-month daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia too. I myself was running something and actually few days before Maja was diagnosed, I was put on antibiotics. We raised red flags and after initial very strong resistance from docs we all now await the antigen tests. We hope that in the case we have the blasto or other fungi we can confine it by ourselves. If not we have on standby Sporanox and truly good ID doctors, who now count on the most impossible scenario. We hope all of this is huge coincident. We have consulted with Professor Richard Jacobs from Arkansas. He answered my email in one day and his advice was extremely valuable.

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