Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 8

Year: 2011

Country: Canada

Locality: Lindsay ON

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: We are unsure of where our beloved dog Higgins may have contacted the spores.

Symptoms: We recently had a heat wave.. after this passed we noticed he still had rapid breathing. I became concerned and took him to the vet. His mood quickly became lethargic. No longer wanting to play or meeting us at the door. The vet took xrays, and noticed that the images of his lungs were cloudy looking. He proceed with more xrays and blood work. We were sent home with and antibiotic on Friday. His mood seemed to pick up by Monday, however our vet wanted to check up on him. This is were his health was rapidly deteriorating. He was unable to go to the washroom on his own and was not eating. The doctor took more blood and did a tracheal flush; lab work determined that he did in fact have blastomycosis. It was decided that he would stay with the vet over the weekend so he could remain on and IV for fluids and receive the treatment. Sadly he passed away the Saturday night.


Cost of Treatment:

Additional Comments: This was such a sudden and heartbreaking event for my family. We are located in Lindsay ON and as far as we know this is very uncommon for our area and his age. We wish we could have know what the symptoms were sooner, and maybe he would have survived this.

He is with his best friend Pebbles now.. but we would like to spread the word of this in our area so that other people may be able to save their pets!

No one should have to experience this lose if it is avoidable.

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