Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Year: 2011

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Nesbit,MS

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: No

Where Caught: It has to be in our yard. We live in Nesbit, MS, just south of Memphis, TN. Our lot is heavily wooded, all flowers and trees, no grass. Other than walks in the neighborhood Madison has been no where else.

Symptoms: cough and limp

Treatment: Madison woke up about 2 months ago, had a cough (sounded like kennel cough) and she was limping. This wasn't like old age limp, it was different. She wasn't hurting, still jumped on and off couch, no apparent pain. Took her to vet, he said limp was due to her age and she was a little overweight. Gave her cough meds, tested her kidneys and those results came back fine. We took her back to the vet last week because she still had the cough. She had this cough once before for a couple of weeks so we weren't that concerned but this time we were a little concerned because it just wouldn't go away. Vet did xrays which showed white in her lungs where it should have been black. Said it was either lung cancer or a fungal infection. To determine which it was he prescribed Temaril-P, said take 2 pills a day 1st 4 days, skip a day, then 2 pills every other day. He said if it was a fungal infection, the prednisone in the meds would make it worse so if the cough got worse or her condition changed stop the medication immediately and bring her back in. That was on a Wednesday. Friday evening I noticed a difference, the cough was different and she was acting different. I didn't give her the Friday night pill. When we woke up Saturday morning she was breathing very hard and couldn't get up. We took her back to the vet. He has her on Clavamox tabs 375 mg, 1/2 pill twice daily, and Fluconazole, 1 tablet a day. He also gave her a shot of Ketofen since her fever was 104. Prior to him putting her on the Termaril-P, other than the cough and limp, she seemed fine. She was happy and eating fine, trying to eat her food and run the other dogs off so she could eat their food too. Even on that Friday she had eatten her supper normally, it wasn't until later in the evening that I noticed a difference.

Cost of Treatment: So far approx. $300 which includes all meds given to her when we first took her and the current meds which is clavamox and fluconazole.

Additional Comments: Those meds (Temaril-P) changed everything. I had a bad feeling about it when the vet told us that was how we would determine whether it was cancer or the fungal infection. I should have refused to give her the meds. It would have made more sense to treat her for the fungal since we really couldn't do anything if it was cancer, now she is suffering and I feel we possibly speeded up her death.

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