Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 10

Year: 2007

Country: Canada

Locality: St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba (half hour south of Winnipeg)

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Unsure of exact location. Possibly from our home; we live on 3 acres beside the river and we were landscaping an old horse manure pile out back. We were also camping in the Whiteshell Area-Buffalo Point, that year. Sadie also contacted Lyme Disease May Long weekend in Lancaster, Minnisota and had just finished her medication 2 weeks prior. The vets figured she was more succeptable for blasto due to her lowered immune system from the Lyme Disease.

Symptoms: Lameness, depression, no toleration of any food, vomiting, and then a cough 3 days later. Looking back now, approximately 2 weeks prior we remember her not tolerating her nightly run as well and tiring easily.

Treatment: Sadie was admitted to the hospital and was dehydrated, IV established throughout treatment. X-rays showed full lung "snow", but no other signs. 2 days later, they found a lesion and were able to confirm blasto with a culture slide. They started her immediately on Itra, but sadly after 2 weeks, never coming home, Sadie passed. (I'm still looking for my detailed bill of everything done for Sadie and will post as soon as it's found.)

Cost of Treatment: 1100$ when she passed.

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