Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 6

Year: 2006

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Cudahy,Wisconsin (Milwaukee County)

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Caledonia,Racine Wisconsin
Johnson Park dog run along the root river.
Wilson had gotten a puncture wound on the inner thigh (right where the leg connect to the body prfect for air to enter when moving) and developed crepitus
(air under the skin) 2 staples put in and on meds for infection 7/05/2006
weekend his immune system and they feel blasto was on the stick that punctured him.

Symptoms: 1st was not using the same leg the puncture wound was in off and on they said it would take time to heal the muscule in the leg intolerence to exrcise bone and joint involement
took to dec.6,2006
then from this time to Jan 6,2007 these symptoms showed up in order
off same leg now completly
lumps,bumps(not cysts)
Lesions (ended up with 7 of them)
fever 104 to 105
very very slight cough
poor appetite
lymph nodes all of them
lungs rapped heavy breathing
all 4 legs swelled 3x's the size couldn't walk
front right leg (21/2" lesion)and back left foot very bad Alomost lost

Treatment: compounded itraconazole
125 mg 2x's a day for 10 days
then once a day for the first 3 months
the went to 175 mg 1x's a day (vet said this was the safe zone for his size around 50 pounds)for the last 5 months
1 1/2 months the last ones he was blasto clear but just to make sure it was all gone
Previcox for pain and to help keep fever down and bring swellowing down in the legs. on for about 4 months.

milk thistle and dandelion root to support liver and kidneys
echinacea support immune system ( animals apawthecary ol-immune booster it is a liquid)
missing link w/glucosamine
animal essentials plant enzymes and probiotics this helped with his immune system and digestion and absorbtion of food and meds
raw bee pollen 1/2 through for a natural source of energy and boost his immune system
pasculite clay to heal his foot and right wrist
flax seed oil for joints and immune system

Cost of Treatment: about $8000 I used a lot of supplement also

Additional Comments: wilson is still on echinacea for his immune system and still taking flax seed oil for immune system and bone and joints support
he still has a high protein diet low in carbs all natural diet plus raw meat/vegs/fruit
he does have bone and joint and lung damage that is perment lost part of the tip of his tongue
wilson took his last pill sept 26th,2007 as of this date he is 7 ish years old and he was neutered when he had gotten blasto.

March 4,2008 Wilsons lungs ex-rayed and they seem to have healed up completly Where we thought he might of hard perment damage it is all healed up.
Wilson continues to live the same life as he had always. His spirit would have died if not.
updated sept. 18,2008 wilson has been off meds now for a yr he continues to do wonderfully

Update Nov.10,2009 Sept. 26 marked the 2 yr. spot for Wilson being off meds. He is doing wonderfully!!

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