Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Year: 2012

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Madison, WI

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Somewhere in Northern WI, possibly in the Black RIver falls area, or the Door County area, or from his previous home, which was located in a marshy area near Beaver Dam, WI.

Symptoms: Fever
Loss of apetite
Loss of use of legs
and eventually, trouble breathing

Treatment: Was misdiagnosed, treated for Lyme's disease, and was then given steroids. Once breathing trouble started he was finally diagnosed and given an anti-fungal but died the next day.

Cost of Treatment:

Additional Comments: Our dog was a small statured, lhaso apso, a city dog, dispelling the myth that this will only happen in larger, country, or hunting dogs

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