Sandra M Krahn

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Year: 1982

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Seymour, wi

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: They were never quite sure because there were several possibilities
Sawing lumber at a pallet factory,in Black Creek where months after there were other people who died form it because of misdiagnosis.

Symptoms: The symptoms actually began as intolerable pain in my left ankle.
I was in the hospital for 2 and one half weeks while they grew the culture which led to my diagnosis but by that time the fungus had eaten away all the cartilage in my ankle joint . There was even danger of my losing my foot. They did asperations on my foot and finally took me to surgery and cleaned my foot of all infection as much as possible.

Treatment: Amphotericin B, also used for leukemia patients.
I had a hickmen catheter put in my chest and received the yellow liquid through the catheter for 8 hour every other day for 6 months. Afterwards I would throw up and have terrible migraine headaches.

Cost of Treatment: Approximately $800.00 dollars a month for the ampho. and a $30,000.00 hospital bill not to mention Doctor's visits.

Additional Comments: Because of the appetite of this voracious disease I've had 4 bone fusions on my ankle and an ankle replacement. And at 52 now I still have more of the same ahead of me.

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