Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 0

Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Vermont

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: I have no idea. however, I did take him to MD and he also went to the ball field with my daughter last fall in a nearby town where there was a river. She only took him. I have three other smaller terriers and lennox is a lab.

Symptoms: First, Lennox was immune suppressed. He had had two major surgeries in the fall of last year.
what I first noticed about him was that he had mellowed out. labs are raring to go. He was lethargic. He slowed down on his eating. He didn't seem to want to play with the norfolks. Then a slight cough. Lumps on his body and an oozing fistulas (like an open wound under his fur.) I took him to my vet at least three times. They treated first with an antibiotic, then anti-infamatory -- at this time he developed a high temp 105 degrees at least for a week. At this point we went to Tufts medical school in Mass. They diagnosed over night.
He stopped eating. he had oozing white drainage from his eyes. His head drooped down, he had tremors, shaking of his head like parkinson.s, he fell,
he had nuerological problems, he panted excessively, something he never did..
Absoluetly no spark left in him...... --

Treatment: when diagnosis confirmed he was put on Itraconazole 2 x a day for first 5 days
400 mg. and then 200 mg per day.
side effect of drug -- lennox wouldn't eat.
we forced him. Offered him everything under the sun.
Iv fluids and also SC fluids----and finally a feeding tube.
However, he started in with neurological symptoms again and at this point. My friend and I decided to put him at rest. My friend is a vet. I took him there because she could keep him hospitalized. He was so sick.

Cost of Treatment: Unbelievable how quick it mounts up. Especially a couple of nights at the vets and all the tests.

Additional Comments: Diagnosis was quick once they did the right thing. Took a culture of fistuala had results right away.
Put on meds immediately --forget all the tests. the only thing that will save them. I wish I had known to do that early on ---- Find a vet who knows about the disease.

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