Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 53

Year: 2005

Country: Canada

Locality: LacLu Kenora

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Suspect I picked it up while working at my well while replacing the water lines.

Symptoms: - chills, fever, exhaustion,lesion on left foot.

Treatment: - went 4 months before seeking medical attention as I thought that other than the lesion on my foot, the other symtoms were the same for Rheumatiod Arthritis that I have and was being treated for. The foot started swelling and getting reddish in colour with a reash spreading up my leg. Pain started a few days later. I saw my Dr. and was diagnosed with Celluitous (sp?) and put on IV antibiotics at home for 4 days. Foot got worse and I was admitted to hospital for a biopsy. I was told it could be "Flesh Eating Diease". After operation, I was told that the lesion was exised (sp?) and all was well. The next day my foot got worse and I went back to OR for another "look see". When I woke, I was told that I had Blasto and more flesh was excised from my foot. I was put on antibiotics and Intraconizol for 8 months.

Cost of Treatment: - Well, I sure am lucky to live in Canada where one can get medical treatment and not loose your "financial life". Sure we pay with taxes, but that "bite" is a lot less costly than the entire bill for treatment being handed to you in some "deep dark accounts office" at the hospital before they lwt you leave. Home meds were covered from my work plan.

Additional Comments: As I stated I have RA and that made diagnosis take a bit longer. I received great medical treatment and am still here with the living to prove it. It took some months for my foot to heal but that's life. I still go outdoors and "muck around". I'm not going to look for trouble, but neither am I going to hide away in fear of contracting Balsto again. Lifes too short.

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