Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 3

Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Oklahoma

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: No

Where Caught: Her brother had it first last year, and he didn't survive, his name was Buzz. We didn't get him officially diagnosed either, but with the symptoms he had, I now think thats what it was. Earlier this year Rocket started getting sick, we knew she wasn't being herself, you know how your dogs normal demeanor is? Our vet and another friends vet, talked about it, and the name blastomycosis came up. A few years back, my husband had fighting chickens all over the place, and they think that may be where it came from, something in the soil from the chicken litter, and the dogs breathed it in thru the air.

Symptoms: Her symptoms were a runny nose, sneezing, she didn't have any energy, she's usually a very energetic dog, but she would just lay around, swollen lymph nodes in her neck. Didn't eat very good, after awhile her nose would bleed also.

Treatment: The vet had given us some antibiotics, something called Zeniquin. Well those didn't work, he told us if they didn't he didn't know what else to do for us. But after the subject of blastomycosis came up, I had an old bottle of Fluconazole, and we started giving her those, half a pill a day. It's now a month and a half later, and she is doing fine, she still has the runny nose, and the sneezing has stopped and her lymph nodes have gone down. After a week on the meds, we noticed a change in her. She still isn't over it completely, with the runny nose, we will be treating her for a few more months. But she is definately better.

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