Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 4

Year: 03/13/2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: WI

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: As of now we have no clue how Molly got this. I have 4 Goldens I bird hunt with all 4 of them almost every day Oct till Dec 30. I live on 25 ac of woods with a creeck 80 ft from the house that had a large beaver dam on it the beaver were traped out again this year farther back is a 1ac pond in my back yard , and then to top it off I just added on to our house and have 4 large piles of dirt the dogs often sit on. I have two decaying stumps that grows mushrooms from trees we lost three years ago. I feel that what I have read in the last 5days that any of the items listed could have been the source How do I find the Source thank you Larry

Symptoms: 3-13-2008 not moving did not get treat I had tossed her I then sat by her for 15 min making eye contact she was like in a trance she did not repond to my verbal words I felt her entire body no sore spots took temp it was 103.7 called Vet. met vet 2 hrs later 104.0 he gave us meds for UTI said call in 2 days if fever is not gone36 hrs later in vets office getting more rx drugs this time for lymes again no change called vet took back in he now took xrays and blood and a urin test sent to MiraVita labs to test for Blasto I made the vet over night urin got results back on 3-19-2008 positve 11.78 started medsthat night

Started Itracnazole 100 mg 2 pills at 8 pm I have given her 2 pills each day on the 6th day I saw an inprovment in her breathing and today day 7 she was wanting to play out side bringing me every stick she could find I hope this keeps up I noticed to day her noise was totally dry all day hope that is not a bad sign

Cost of Treatment: cost for first 10 days was 9.0 per pill 180.0 I just ordered 160 pills from for 248.0

Additional Comments: Molly still will not eat her dog food she is only eating about 6 oz of human food turkey, ham, steak,hamberger,a day. any jugestions welcome thanks Larry & Molly

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