Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 2

Year: 2005

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Hudson, MA

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Near Walker, MN, on Leech Lake.

Symptoms: She was lathargic and had a lesion on her back. She showed first lung symptoms 2 days later, and showed neurological symptoms 1 day after that.

First symptom to end of life: One week.

Treatment: Local vet put her on antibiotics believing she had a uterine infection. Three days after, they thought she had a tumor on her tongue because she had stopped eating and her tongue would only come out of the side of her mouth.

A different vet examined her, and diagnosed the blasto from an examination of the fluid in the lesion. Since she wasn't diagnosed with blasto until her neurological symptoms appeared, we chose to end her suffering rather than treat her. The vets felt there was little chance of the medication being able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier. We donated her body to the University.

She was seen by Tufts University Veterinary Hospital in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

Cost of Treatment:

Additional Comments: She was exposed in July. Her symptoms presented in early November. Vets believe that her quick deterioration was due in part to the beginning of her heat, which made her immunocompromised. I believe that, not being from an area of the country where blasto is found, her late diagnosis (seven days from presentation of symptoms to diagnosis) also contributed to her quick deterioration.

Our second basenji, Nubi, was later diagnosed and survived.

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