Maddy and Nola

Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 1

Year: 2009

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: pound Wi

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Our girls caught this on the property that we are living, after maddy got sick, the landlord informed us that they to had lost two dogs to blasto.

Symptoms: With maddy it started with a limp that rotated from her front leg to her back, we took her to three vets none of whom knew what to make of it. They told us she probably pulled a muscle roughhousing with nola. The limp went away only to return a month later, then went away again and returned yet again about three weeks later, this time with sores that started out as what I can only describe as looking like a horsefly had attacked her, this started on a thurs, and by fri they were the size of a nickel, and sat a quarter. On sun we had to make the decision to put her down, as there was no treatment available by this time, We also brought in our other dog Nola, who had begun to limp and pant heavily and was starting to break out with the same sores. She was diagnosed with blasto also, and put down the same day. We went from having two healthy year old great danes, to coming home with collars, and it is something that I dont know how you deal with.

Treatment: none available at their stage

Cost of Treatment:

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