Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 6

Year: 2009

Country: Canada

Locality: Caledon East

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Somewhere in Caledon/Adjala. Both my friends dogs have been diagnosed also.

Symptoms: He had a cough only once-twice a day took him to the groomers and as I handed him over she queried kennel cough. Plus we thought he was a 'not quite himself" As I knew he was vaccinated for kennel cough I took him to the vet. Throat swab came back positive, we repeated it as all other tests were negative- tested positive again.

Treatment: Currently on Sporanox and prednizone hasn't developed any other symptoms and seems quite perky but still has a cough.

Cost of Treatment: So far
$1000 for drugs
$500 for vet visit Xrays and Bloodwork

Additional Comments: Am very grateful for excellent vet who quickly diagnosed the problem and hope that Remmie will recover.

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