Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Year: 2006

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Austin, Indiana

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: I live in the country and it stays pretty damp out here. We seem to get a lot of rain throughout the year here. It is a good possibility that Dusty got it here. I also took him walking around lakes. His nose hardly left the ground because he was a very nosy Basset Hound. He was not a digger. He did not like getting dirty. He was an inside dog.

Symptoms: Dusty started off with a dry hacking cough. When he tried to play he couldn't stop coughing. Any physical movement he coughed. Then he drank a lot of water quite often. Then he refused his food. He had very bad labored breathing. A fever was happening everyday. One minute, very playful then very lethargic. He had diareah and was vomiting and shivvering. He would urinate in the house and he could not control it because he was so weak. He did not have any scores or anything on his skin. His eyesight was good. Even though he refused any type of food he did not lose any weight. He would smell of the food and wag his tail like he was trying to come into it but then he would turn away.

Treatment: At first the vet put him on Keflex because his symptoms was similar to Kennel Cough or a cold. Of course he only continued to get worse. I felt it was far worse than what the vet said. I took Dusty to another vet and that vet put him on stonger medicine. It was Baytril. She give him a shot too. When he got home he seem to be doing better. Then did a turnaround and got worse. I took him back to the vet and she said she did not know what else to do for him. She kept him there for most of the day monitoring his symptoms and later called and told me to come pick him up. When I got there she said she thinks Dusty needs to go to internal medicine because she could not find what was wrong with him. The next day was very bad and I had had a very bad night with him. He was so miserable. We all knew it was respiratory related. His fever just would not stay broke. Then back to the vet I go early that morning. She said whatever it is it is not bacterial. If it was he would be improving at least some. She then came across a swollen lymph node. She took a sample of it and did a chest x-ray. It was definitly Blasto. She put him on itraconazole. He came home and got worse. Then he stayed at the vet's office over the weekend when I took him back. He was given amphotericin B. Unfortunatly, he died ispite of treatment.

Cost of Treatment: I probably had about $700.00 all together with both vets and the medication.

Additional Comments: I live in Indiana and hardly anyone has ever heard of Blasto. I am thankful there are other people that have wanted to spread the word on Blasto as well. It was very hard for me. Dusty was my best friend and I will probably never get another dog. I did not sleep for a long time. I have a son who was 16 months old at the time of Dusty's death and I was not even stable to take care of him. I still have nightmares and talk about it to others. I hope they find a vaccine or cure for Blasto because it has ruined my life when it took my best friend away. I try to stay strong for my only child because he is very special to me and I know how much Dusty loved him. Dusty would want me to go on and take good care of his little brother. I had Dusty cremated because I did not want him in the ground. My deepest sympathy to those who lost their pet to Blasto. Thank you for posting this website. It was very helpful. My name is Hope. Dusty died 10-24-2006. 4 days before my birthday.

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