Species: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 64

Year: 2005

Country: Canada

Locality: Ottawa

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Unknown.

Symptoms: Dry cough and cold sweats at night, rapid weight loss (from 140 lbs to close to 100 within three months), weakness.

At first my GP thought it was a cold and prescribed antibiotics for that cold. Two weeks later felt the same and was prescribed more antibiotics. Went to Emergency at Montfort Hospital and ER ordered X-rays and prescribed antibiotics for pneumonia - unsuccessful again; was getting weaker and weaker with more loss of weight. Went back to GP who sent me with a note and copies of X-rays negatives to Emergency at Ottawa General Hosp.

Treatment: Itraconozole for a full year period.

Hospitalized for 21 days, of which 10 days (unconscious) at the Intensive Care Unit at the Ottawa Hospital - where the disease was diagnosed.

Was followed for a full year period by an epidemiology specialist, Dr. & Prof. Craig Lee - with CT-scans at 6-month intervals.

Cost of Treatment: Imagine extremely costly.

Covered under government insurance.

Most grateful for excellent care from a team of great specialists and assistants at the Ottawa Hospital who finally could diagnose and treat me accordingly before it was too late, and most grateful to Dr. Lee for his monthly follow-up with great patience.


Additional Comments: Always have been healthy - good lifestyle habits - regular exercises.

Noticed decrease in stamina - otherwise I feel fine but a always little worried of relapse.

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