Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 1

Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Elk Grove Village, IL

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: In mid September 2008 there was major flooding the Chicagoland area. Think that may be part of the cause. Also local park has been doing construction after all this flooding building path to baseball field and renovating the tennis courts (note: they have stopped working on the tennis courts due to drainage issue so there are piles of dirt laying around). Wally and I no longer walk int he park. We still to just walking around the block.

Symptoms: Wally started limping about 2 weeks ago (Oct 22 2008). He was at the groomer early that day and then that night started limping...I assumed that we may have gotten injured while at the groomer. I went the next day to the vet to see if his leg (right rear) was ok. At the vet, he had stopped limping. The vet told me it was a soft tissue sprain and gave me some rimadyl. Wally was fine the rest of the day and for the next 2 days he was normal...had lots of energy. Then on Sunday he began limping on the right rear leg again. I assumed he must have aggravated the sprain and I continued with the Rimadyl. After 3 days his limping continued and he would hold up the leg and not use it at all. I then noticed a small cyst on the top of his head and what we thought was histocytoma on his lower lip. I then felt something wasn't right and took him back to vet on Halloween...they suspected Blasto (they also discovered Wally had 2 swollen lymph nodes as well - on on his rear left leg and on right side of his neck/jaw) and sent tissue sample from them to pathlogist. They told me results would be in on Monday and that since treatment can be deadly that to wait until we had confirmation that is was indeed Blasto. Well all weekend I was a mess as I reseached this disease. On Monday I was anxious to get the results and start the necessary treatment. Monday I waited and waited...I finally called at 5pm and they told me they had no results yet and vet would call me. I then waited and called again at 6pm and am told the results are in and a vet will call back. Still waiting, it is now 8:45pm-my husband calls and they try telling him to call Wednesday when the vet we saw is in. On Friday the vet said he would call me Monday with the results and I am very upset that he didn't follow up...especially after all I have been reading about blastomycosis. My husband demanded that they have someone call back with the results that day. They finally called back (it was the emergecy on-call vet) who never even saw Wally who called back about 9:30pm to tell us the test results which did confirm blastomycosis. They then said they would call in prescription to Wedgewood Pharmacy...I kept calling pharmacy and they had no prescription for Wally. I was getting upset at how slow the vet/animal clinic was that we were using...the communication was lacking. I decided to go to different vet which explained things so much better and said she could prescribe meds from local pharmacy once she got his test results from the other vet. It was after I called the original vet place to fax Wally's records over that I then I got a call from Wedgewood wanting billing information for the Itraconazole which would not arrive until Thursday. The price is much cheaper from Wedgewood so I told them to send it. The new vet is great though and has me getting a 3 day suppy today until the month supply from Wedgewood arrives. So it looks like Wally's treatment will be starting today. Hooray!

P.S. the other vet who saw Wally still has not bothered to call me - if he calls Wednesday I am going to give him a piece of my mind!

Treatment: Wally has started on 50mg of Itraconazole.
He is taking compounded liquid Itraconazole now.
the plan is to be on it for at least 3 months.

Cost of Treatment: Getting a month supply from Wedgewood Pharmacy in New Jersey for $42 plus $10 to ship it 2nd day.

Went to local pharmacy and got 3 day supply so we can start the treatment ASAP. 3 pills from there cost me $28.60

Additional Comments: It is still early...
First 3 days taking pill and now he started on the liquid.
After 4 days, he seems to have more of his personality back and a little more energy as he started chewing his toys again for a little bit. Looks like new lesion on front right paw though and he is still not using his rear right leg (limping).

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