Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 2

Year: 2008

Country: Canada

Locality: Arcola, Saskatchewan

Survived?: No

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Locally and possibly near an intermittent creek. Ace would go running daily in the summer with his brother Rocky.

Symptoms: In hindsight, it appears that the earliest symptom was a change in Ace's panting after a run (from a regular pant to irregular,shallower panting and back again). The most obvious after that was the cough (like he was gagging),fever (which never went away), lethargy and depression (which coincided with the boys and husband going back to school in fall),loss of appetite, lameness,enlarged lymph nodes,laboured breathing until he died. The vet also noted crepitus/crepitations all over his body which only got worse as his condition worsened.

Treatment: He had a chest x/r which was initially diagnosed as a bronchitis for which we put him on Baytril. Also had Anafen and Metacam at that time. From there,Ace was on 4 other A/B's which did nothing for him. In the meantime, we drew blood which showed he was not anemic, took blood to test him for Lyme as well as the Blasto and Histo. He did have Prednisone twice which also helped initially. Tests were sent to New York and came back positive 2 weeks later - almost a week after he died.

Cost of Treatment: At the point of his death, approx. 1500 dollars.

Additional Comments: Ace was a beautiful, majestic, perfect Siberian Husky.Kudos to the local vet to even think to test for Blasto. The area we live in is NOT known for the fungus. We live in rural Saskatchewan and had never heard of this hideous disease. I now want everyone I know to learn about Blasto.
Acute symptoms were noticeable for 5-6 weeks prior to his death. Looking back, he likely started exhibiting sx. as early as July and he died Oct. 20.

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