Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 5

Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A.

Locality: Ontario

Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: Clearwater Lake Ontario, Canada
summer of 2008

Symptoms: Slight shifting hind lameness, slight occasional dry cough, reluctance to jump up noticed in August; no other signs until Oct.3 when she developed a moderate lameness in the right front. Over two weeks, the lameness became non weight bearing. Radiographs were negative for carpal or radius/ulna fractures. Oct.17 developed fever, swelling of rt front. Oct. 18 developed draining tract on lateral r. front leg.

Treatment: Put on penicillin until Oct. 20, when radiographs were again showing an osteomyelitis of the ulna. Clindamycin was prescribed, no change in persistant 103 fever, Oct 23 changed to injectable Baytril and gentamycin, no change by Oct 24. I finally put the pieces of the puzzle in place on that night and we did radiograph the lungs on Oct 25. Those did show classic diffuse lesions throughout the lungs. I started her immediately on itraconazole. Her fever went down in a few hours. I've given 10 mg of prednisone daily and 5 mg/kg every 12 hours of itraconazole. I've done acupuncture on her every day to clear heat and strengthen her immune system. Subcu fluids every day twice a day; she's still eating well; cooked rice, chicken and beef. We are on day three of treatment; she's very weak tonight.

Cost of Treatment: 1-28-09
Grace is acting 90% well now...I was sure she would die almost every day for at least a month after treatment began in Oct. 2008. She is still on itraconizole 100 mg per day. The draining lesions continued for over 60 days after starting tx...the key for her was acupuncture and more specifically Chinese herbs to clear heat and toxins and draining lesions. She also got ozone treatment every other day for 30 days which also seemed to help. Somehow we kept her eating...beef hearts, peanut butter, ensure, chicken, etc. I foung that the antiinflammatory drug that worked best for her was Zubrin 300mg/day. She had osteomyelitis involving the right front leg and carpal joint. The joint is almost normal looking now, but she is still lame without the Zubrin. Haven't radiographed her leg or lungs yet. Her fungal titer from Antech diagnostic lab came back negative. We did not do any other testing...I knew it was blasto from the clinical signs and response to treatment. Please, if your dog has blasto, try to get some acupuncture and herbs...I feel that Grace would not have survived without them. Of course, you need the itraconazole forst and foremost. I got it from Canada..and also used some compounded meds from Roadrunner Pharmacy. Estimated cost of drugs and tx so far...8,000+ Glad I'm a vet! and SO GLAD Grace is alive and almost well!

Additional Comments: Please try acupuncture and chinese herbs with the other meds...I believe Grace would not have survived without them.

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