Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 3

Year: 3

Country: U.S.A.


Survived?: Yes

Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis?: Yes

Where Caught: His name is Buster and is a golden retreiver. We live on Cravath Lake in town near the water. Could be the bark or chips or mulch we put in the yard for yardscaping. He does dig once in awhile. The vet doesn't know how long he's had it, could of been for months or just weeks or days. All depending on his immune system. He did go swimming out at Whitewater lake a few times this summer.

Symptoms: He was depressed, weight loss, not eating or drinking very much, not playing with Maddie our black lab, lots of sleeping, fever, watery right eye, yellow pus from right eye next am. The 10th of Sept.08 Buster was running in the house to fast to go for a car ride and slid into a pointed wall, with his chest. 2 days later I noticed that he wasn't feeling up to par. Not eating or drinking or playing. I thought he was just sore from the wall crash. I pressed all around his stomach and chest and no reaction to soreness. Then the 13th I took him to the vet. Vet said hes got a fever. We could do chest x-rays, lymes test and blood work. I said lets do the blood work and lymes. If that comes back negative we'll x-ray. The blood work, no basic problems. The vet was puzzled with the fever. Maybe a virus, so we put Buster on doxycyline for 1 day, then the next day his eye was tearing so I called and they said maybe he got something in it, flush it out with saline and call in the am. He was squinting his right eye, took him in and Buster rolled his eyes back and the vet couldn't see in his eyes so he suggested x-rays. He had a feeling!! Lots of little clouds!! he's heart looks good and all his vital signs look good so I got him on Itra 150mgs at 11:30 a.m. the 13th. He did have 2 400mgs of saline for rehydration, Wed & Fri. Fri also on tramadol for pain.

Treatment: Itra 150 mgs 1 a day
Doxycyline 1 dose

Now 150mgs 2 times a day
Prednizone 20mgs 1 a day
Prednizone eye drops 4 times a day.

take him back for tests soon

Cost of Treatment:

Additional Comments: He's eating and drinking at times I'm forcing him, at times. Right now he still gets a little excited to go outside. I walk him around the yard. He's been constipated for 4 days so I got a siringe with soapy h20 and he finally had a movement. No coughing or lesions. He's uncomfortable at times and keeps his eyes closed most of the time, and yes the right eye is now cloudy. At times he looks lost, which he probably is, in some in ways. Is there anything else I could be doing or adding to his recovery??
Thank You to this site. I found out alot of information on this site. Busters eyes were getting bad and at the time I thought that his eyes would get cleared up as his body would. NOT. I took him to an eye specialist , she shot medicine his both and is on a predinsone pill and with eye drops also and now he can open his eyes , now eating and drinking o his own. The vet I was taking him to perscribed pain medication for eyes and that did not help. When there is watery eyes, its time to go to an eye specialist cuz the blasto is now entering the eyes. He is also on Itra 150 mgs 2 times a day and not on the pain meds or the doxycyline.

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