Where Is Blastomycosis Found?

Blastomycosis is thought to be mostly found within North America, with some cases reported in Africa. I will add updates below as I hear of cases:

Canada: Most frequent in Kenora, Ontario. Also found in Manitoba, Ontario (Kenora, Sault Ste. Marie, Chapleau), Quebec, New Brunswick, in particular areas around the Great Lakes and in a small aread a small area in New York and Canada along the St Lawrence River.

NEW! I've now heard of Blasto all along the Georgian Bay coastline, Dryden, and in Southern Ontario at the Rockwood Conservation area.

USA: Current epidemic in Northern Wisconsin, especially around the Eagle River (dogs and people have died), Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio River valleys, Mid-Atlantic States, Minnesota, Colorado, New York

An 2001 source reports that Dr. Celia Christensen of the Kenora, Ontario Veterinary Clinic said 46 cases of dogs with blasto were reported in 2000. In 1999, 90 cases were reported. (source). Another source says there were 309 human cases of Blastomycosis found in Ontario between 1994 and 2003 (source). In Wisconsin, it is actually a reportable disease. From 1986-1995, in a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 670 cases were identified (source).

A man in Kentucky is receiving treatment for Blastomycosis. He reports that his pulmonary doctor says he sees about 46 cases a year or so.

Jackie in Illinois recently lost her Golden Retriever to Blastomycosis. She is in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago and has heard of 3 human cases there as well.

Mark's dog Manny is in treatment for Blastomycosis. They live in Champaign, Illinois. Their vet says Blasto is becoming quite prevalent in their area in spite of the fact that they have no rivers, streams, or other bodies of water within 40 miles.