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Male Golden Retriever
Age 10
Diagnosed October 3, 2018
South Elgin, Illinois
Survived:  yes as of today
Official Diagnosis: Yes
Have no idea where or how he caught it.  Is a backyard dog.  Possibly from sidewalks being dug up in the neighborhood.
Symptoms:  Gagging cough, labored breathing, lethargic all of a sudden, Fever 104-105
Treatment:  Day 5 of Intraconazole 200 MG 2X day  Enthroflaxin for possible secondary infection
Cost:  So Far $1000 for Blood work, xrays, antibiotics, urine test.  $80.00/month

Update: Day 6 of treatment Fever spiking to 105.3. Very fast breathing. Took him to Emergency vet. They are giving fluids oxygen and prednisone. My heart is breaking for my gentle giant.
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