Author Topic: Day 7-Need a bit of encouragement- Can Itraconazole make cancer worse?  (Read 1101 times)

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Hi everyone,

Ella as everyone knows has not been diagnosed as such. However, we started Itraconazole 7 days ago. 

Day 6 and Day 7- I would say Ella struggled to breathe a bit more. She seems to breathe rapidly and can't rest after Itraconazole perhaps a few hours after. Since we give her the capsules at 8:30pm everyday (since her first dose was given late), in the middle of the night she seems to struggle to breathe- which makes us very alarmed and scared. I have a fan running pretty much all day/night.

During the day she seems to like sitting/sleeping outside, perhaps a little breeze helps her to breathe better.

I am starting to doubt everything and wonder whether I am doing the right thing- It is so hard to see your baby struggle. She used to be such a happy/active/full of energy dog- who ran/danced/swam - so all of a sudden as soon as she walks a little to go to the bathroom or anything- she pants heavily- and water drips from her mouth- its literally water drops.

In the morning, for breakfast and when I give Ella her Previcox, she does not seem interested in food at all. Today was the first day I had to open her mouth and put the food in.

Then about 1-2 hours after, she was okay to eat- I say okay because then she tasted- liked and ate okay.

Im hoping that tonight when giving the medication and dinner she won't resist too much. Again this is hard for us as Ella is a beagle ,she used to eat salad leaves, ALL veggies you can think of - pretty much anything and everything. She was never ever picky.

I keep doubting because I don't have a diagnosis to keep me going- I have my gut feeling and perhaps emotions (which is not a reliable thing), so then I question whether I am doing the right thing for her. Does she want to be here when she cannot do all the things she loves.

And what if I was wrong? What if I was doing all this and this cause her death suddenly?

Can Itraconazole make cancer worse? Can it make her lungs MORE congested or restricted? Am I making matters worse?
Does anyone know or has any VET ever mentioned to any of you?