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Spam Bots
« on: November 14, 2008, 05:11:23 AM »
This message board has been subject to a huge increase of spam bot attacks all week - like most web forums on the internet.

All week long these automatic spam bot scripts were signing up for accounts here to spam us.  A few of them got through, and I've been busy all week deleting these spam accounts and posts as fast as they were created.

I've put in some changes that have temporarily slowed them down, and hopefully will stop them for awhile.

If you notice a spam post, there is a button on the page to report it, or just ignore it - I will soon find and delete it.

Due to some of the increased security, if you are now having problems signing up for a legitimate account, having your account verified, or if you are having trouble posting, send me an email - and I will assist you.