Author Topic: Mable 4 yrs to day since blasto from hell fight  (Read 887 times)

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Mable 4 yrs to day since blasto from hell fight
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:19:11 PM »
Hello this is Mables mom. 9 yrs old chocolate lab, she is still with us 4 yrs ago we started a fight with blasto and kinda beat it.   It has returned twice but not like the living nightmare at the beginning. We have lost two other dogs ( from old age)   that all lived with is during Mables blasto fight. Mable is only one left.  The baby of the group. 
This site helped us to save her life and thats what we did. All the experience and knowledge on here helped to guide us even when we never posted a thing until we were in the clear.
We were told she had cancer, and to put her down. It was pure luck we came across this site.
We gave her herbal and conventional meds.  fluconazole, and oregano oil, milk thistle, lecithin
When she would not eat, we gave medicine droppers of newborn. baby formula, electrolytes, and warer every two hours. We even did spoon ful of peanut butter.   Yes its all. Bad for fungal disease however you need energy to fight then the diet can change. We had open wounds all over her body, witch hazel and coconut oil helps. Never use antibacterial soap to wash wounds. Antibiotic antibacterial anything makes fungul infections grow wild.  Mable went blind completely and there was nothing we could do. The vet diagnosed her with cancer and wrote her off.  So we took things into our own hands and met a very wonderful vet that travels to our community. We built a trust and with all that said we still have mable.   Im not saying at all we did it the right way. But we did what we know for living rural and this site is the main reason why Mable is still here. Thanks CD