Author Topic: New diagnosis: worried about low itraconazole dosage and forced-feeding question  (Read 1079 times)

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Hello, everyone, my dog was diagnosed with blasto almost a week ago. I had taken her to the vet because of a limp, and while there she coughed up little specks of blood for the first time (that I saw, anyway), so luckily the vet had her lungs x-rayed. It looked like snow in there.

We live in the Atlanta area, and two vets we saw thought the fungus is so rare, she must have cancer instead. It wasn't diagnosed properly until I told our vet that my sister's dog in Alabama died of it years ago, and that another dog on the property contracted it later, but survived because it was diagnosed in time, thanks to the fact that my sister now knows the symptoms. I've since learned of four other dogs in that area that have had the disease.

Because she was coughing up blood, the vet started her on just 100 mg/day of itraconazole. She is an Australian shepherd mix, about 59 pounds, so the dosage is less than the minimum recommended, from what I can tell. Has anyone had any experience treating it this way? Today is the sixth day, and I don't see much difference. Her breathing is really rapid at times, but I don't see much coughing.

She is also taking an anti-inflammatory drug and gabapentin.

She is not eating anything at all, so I am force-feeding her. I read her that I should put it in her cheeks, but when I do, it all comes right back out. I have to put it in from the front. It's horrible. My question is - how much does she need to eat? I am feeding her Hill's RX urgent care cans mixed with chicken broth. This morning I added bacon fat after reading here about the necessity of a fatty diet for the medication to work.
Thank you all for your support and advice.

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Hey how is your dog making out?