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Golden Retriever 7Yrs 9Mo. Confirmed Blasto
« on: March 20, 2017, 01:46:55 PM »
First Name of Patient   Buckeye
Species Dog
Sex   M
Age at first symptoms   7yrs 9mo
Year of first symptoms   2017
Country   USA
Patient's Locality (Columbus, Ohio)   
Did this patient survive?   TBD - so far, so good
Was there an official medical diagnosis of Blastomycosis?   Yes- confirmed via Biopsy (Blastomyces Dermatitis)
How and where do you think this patient caught Blastomycosis?   We take Buckeye often to the parks here in the area. He especially loves the ones with water. In particular, back in October 2016, we took him to Prairie Oaks Metro Park
Symptoms   - none really, except for large mass growing on his neck and some exercise intolerance
Treatment   Fluconazole (150mg x2day), Prednisolone (20mg) every day. Has been on treatment a total of 4 days now
Cost of Treatment Fluconazole (got a discount from lowered from $7.96/pill to $3.00/pill), Prenisolone 30 day supply $37 

Our dog Buckeye never really exhibited the standard symptoms. No lesions, no lameness, no ocular intrusions, no cough or breathing difficulties. He started growing a mass on his neck near his jaw. It slowly got bigger from Nov, Dec and January. We were going to take him to the vet in the spring to get it checked out. We were not too concerned as he has a few Lipomas on his body. But this one had gotten much harder. Around 2 weeks ago, he ran across the street by accident and was hit by a truck. He was pulled underneath and the trucks rear tires ran over him. It was a horrific, tragic accident and we though for sure Buckeye was not going to survive. We rushed him to emergency vet and he was stabilized. They were concerned about his lump (which we found out was a lymph node) and wanted to immediately do a biopsy, as well as x-rays. Luckily, Buckeye had no internal organ damage or bleeding and no broken bones. They did notice some nodules on his lungs and were extremely concerned, especially since his lymph node was so large (about the size of an orange on his neck at this point).

We waited for the results of the biopsy and Buckeye came home with us, banged and bruised up - but alive. We thought for sure the biopsy would come back as cancer. When the vet called a week later, they confirmed that it was not cancer but Blastomyces Dermatitis. We were like - what? Had never heard of it. After speaking with the doc, and doing a lot of research, we now know how horrible this disease is. Last week, he had another xray and the lungs show a rapid increase in the fungal infection. Looks like the typical cotton candy lungs, but still breathing pretty good. He did give us a scare one morning with some wheezing and his eyes had the third eyelid half covering over them, and he squinted when the light turned on. That was the worst day. He just laid there and wouldn't get up. Vet wanted to wait to put him on treatment since he had taken an NSAID from his car accident and she wanted to wait the wash out period...but decided to instead start him right away. We started the Fluconazole and prednisolone 4 days ago. So far, he has not had any breathing difficulties, or eating difficulties. What we do notice is that he has just kind of lost his spark. His ears perk up to certain words like "treat" or "Walk", but not with the enthusiasm and excited tail wagging he used to. He lays around all day long and just seems really depressed.

It doesn't help that we had brought a new Golden Retriever puppy home in February (just prior to this incident). He is a very jealous dog and we have had to give him extra attention since the puppy, so that he knows we love him.

I know he has gone through a lot, and we are not out of the woods yet.  I just hope he gets back to playing with the puppy (like he had done the week prior to getting hit) and getting excited when we come home, etc. We expect this will be a long healing process. We are going to have a Miralab urine test done in a couple months to see how much of the fungus is still in his system.

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