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Boann, Black Lab
« on: February 25, 2017, 05:55:01 AM »
First Name of Patient   (Helpful if used in the title)
Species (human, dog, cat)
Sex   Female
Age at first symptoms   8 months
Year of first symptoms   Juy, 2016
Country   USA
Patient's Locality (town/state/prov)   Lake county, Illinois
Did this patient survive?   Yes
Was there an official medical diagnosis of Blastomycosis?   Yes
How and where do you think this patient caught Blastomycosis?   Independence Grove Dog Park @ DesPlaines River
Symptoms   early: lethargy, reluctance to eat, urinating in bed, stiffness while walking 
Later:  eye running and discharge, reluctance to being touched, pupil distortion, inability to see
Treatment   Been on fluconazole since August 2016, when left eye removed due to total blindness and retina detachment
Cost of Treatment (optional)   $4000 so far

Boann started acting strangely in July of last year--initially we attributed it to a very heavy exercise regimen in preparation for her first season of bird hunting. When we realized something was definitely wrong, about a month into her on and off symptoms, she was diagnosed with Lyme's and began treatment of antibiotics.  Shortly after we noticed she was retreating from light, didn't want to be touched, and had a constantly runny eye that was very red.  She went to an eye specialist and was given a number of steroids and pain meds for the eye and also tested for blasto, which came back positive.  Her eye got worse very fast and was removed about a month after we first noticed symptoms.  It's been a long road, and while she hunted and is a rocket in the field, she has been on fluconazole since last August.  Her dosage was dropped from 200mg two times a day down to 100mg twice a day about two months ago.  The last few days she's not been right--not eating, lethargic, and I am now very concerned that blasto is back--especially as the weather here in northern Illinois has been very warm all winter and it's mud season again.  I'm fearful that as her anti-fungal dose has been lowered she has it again, but I will be taking a urine sample in to the vet to see for sure.  Losing another eye would be the end of Bo. 

Anyone needing a vet in the Lake County, Il area should not hesitate and go see Greentree Animal Hospital in Libertyville.  They saved her life and are familiar with blasto--treated many many dogs with it and know their stuff.  They are the most incredible people--every vet there is absolutely wonderful. 

Will report back once I find out if the blasto is back even while being treated for it--keeping my fingers crossed.  I've been told by the vet that blasto can encapsulate itself and hide in the system of a dog, only to re-emerge later.  I'm hoping this is not the case for Boann. She is the light of our household and an incredible dog. This is a SCARY disease with a mind of its own.