Author Topic: Latest Updates - March 2nd, 2007  (Read 3139 times)

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Latest Updates - March 2nd, 2007
« on: March 02, 2007, 06:55:30 PM »
I'm updating the site tonight with so many of the e-mails I've gotten over the last few months.  I never expected there would be so many people and dogs who are suffering and dying from Blastomycosis.  My inbox is jammed packed with emails and I will share the ones that people have given me permission to do so. 

I encourage everyone to use this message board to share their story and ask questions.  I can not guarantee a quick response to an email (partly because of the overwhelming sadness of everyone's profound losses - it stirs up a lot of sad memories of my own, and partly because we are in the middle of selling our house and relocating).

We've been getting many many web hits here lately. I think this is great that now there is this site where we can find each other and share treatments and a shoulder to lean on. Thanks to all of you for participating and sharing your stories and experiences.
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