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My Story of Blastomycosis
« on: March 26, 2013, 04:52:04 PM »
Dear Sirs and Madams and everyone else,
I did not have blastomycosis myself, my father had it. My father and I were very close. I joined this forum back in February 2013 to try and gain some insight into what we were dealing with. I found the stories encouraging, heartfelt and uplifting. I thank everyone here for that.
    Here's some background information. My family and I have always lived in Saskatchewan, Canada. Around the time when my father contracted this disease, he didn't travel out of the province. I was told that this was contracted mainly around southern Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was the first ever case that the General Hospital in Regina, SK had to deal with. My father was a retired Saskpower employee later doing work through contract for Saskpower. He never stopped working. We figure he had contracted Blastomycosis through a jobsite since the timelines match up.
    Dad was always very strong. We had this old canoe that weighed about 80 lbs and he could lift it over his head as if it was a feather. He worked with power lines and heavy items all the time. When he was 63 he could still lift those railroad ties like they were absolutely nothing at all.
    Dad passed away last week from Blastomycosis combined with asthma. Before this we had never known about it. For 2 months, Dad suffered in the ICU. If you Google pictures of lungs inflicted with Blasto and a tiny white spot shows up, that's good. That means they can catch it on time. Dad's lungs were completely white. You couldn't even see his ribs. We watched our father suffer and struggle for breathe against the ventilator until he just ran out of energy. He wanted to live. For a short time, he was coherent and we asked him if we wanted to live. He said yes. I had gone back to work at this point as I thought he was getting better. I guess he wasn't. The day came when the nurse pressed my mother to decide on a DNR order. As they were talking, Dad passed. The nurse started on CPR asking my mother over and over what she should do. Mom said no. Don't resuscitate. The problem with resuscitating is that it is highly risky. The risk is that it could puncture his lungs or cause internal bleeding. What happened in medical terms to my father is that he was already suffering internal bleeding. His hemoglobin had been low for a while and he succumbed to it.
    Please, please everyone, I don't know how many people there are out there that have passed because of Blastomycosis or even the treatment of it but I beg everyone that if symptoms of flu, shortness of breathe, suspicion of tubercolosis or anything relating ever become apparent to your loved one, GET YOUR DOCTOR TO TEST FOR IT. It is a terrible disease. It stole my father from me in a matter of 3 months because people here in Saskatchewan will maybe test for it but it is virtually unknown and if they test too late, then it really is too late. Thank you.

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Re: My Story of Blastomycosis
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 06:13:39 AM »
My condolence for your loss pantheria19.  My dog Sophie <dog > has it and because of it that gave me the extra information to push my doctor to test me.  I go where she goes and started loosing energy.  Initially thought it was fatigue from stress.  One incident of spitting up phlegm with red spots was enough.  Its important to rule out the big gun diseases and Blastomycosis IS one of them.  This experience and symptoms prompted a scheduling of a physical.  Thank you for posting this.  Owners of pets need to think of themselves too.  Your loved ones/family/ pets need you to survive.  Please,Please,PLEASE override that attitude of I'll shake this symptom off especially when there is awareness Blasto being in the area.  Take initiative regardless if your family members think you've lost your mind.  Doctors will give you a look as of....of.... oh..just disregard it and insist on being tested, make the tests happen.   View their look as a listening expression.  Its their job to listen/hear and you are PAYING them to take care of you.   You ARE their Boss.  We've ruled out Blasto thank God < some infection>.  Hope this helps others.   Breaks my heart to hear/read of healthy humans, strong ones passing.  Blasto is Not on Doctors/Nurses minds for top list of diseases.  They need education on the matter and we can bring awareness that its in the area.   I do plan on another follow up and if any symptom like a flu shows up I will quickly insist on another test.   Even would consider aspirating my bone if anything like Gramps dog happens to me.  Use this vast insight of information to help everyone and every pet.   Please... you All Matter !