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« on: March 12, 2011, 06:44:25 PM »
Well, we have our new Aussie pup, Scout. And she's quite wonderful. I have to say, I really love her. Cowboy loves her. There's no problem, I just miss 99 some days. And it seems like it hits me when I'm working with Scout. I will remember working with 99---the things we did together. How much it took to train her and the years we invested...

I guess it's like that with our pets. We really invest in them, counting on the payback that they give us. Companionship, joy... so many great stories and memories. I look at this little pup and think, I really don't know the stories we will make together. But we just keep working hard, trusting that there will be many.

I have had 7 great years with Cowboy. He is a devoted friend. I think he would lay down his life for me. So protective and obedient. I dread the thought of losing him one day. But 99 has taught me something about that too. It will be OK. Nothing can erase or change the companionship we've had.

What a blessing these creatures are.


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Re: Pictures
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Scout is really really cute!


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