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Hey im Mables mom. She is a survivor. What i do is give her a yogurt plain daily. Only because in my mind yogurt helps to combat bad fungal or yeast. People eat it when having yeast infection caused by antibiotics or body imbalance.  Not sure if its the right choice but in my mind it helps and is comforting and we have been fairly lucky. I also give her oregano oil for about a week in the spring and fall months.  Also i use clove oil infuser in house at the first of fall. We burn wood and blasto spores must be always around because of that. We even breathe in clove oil after handling wood or mulch.  Its also known as thieves oil. There is a whole story on its use in old times with pirates and such.   If you google thieves oil it will come up and actually make sense. Hope that helps. Cd
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Preventative best practices agains blastomycosis
« Last post by pmifsud on February 10, 2018, 07:57:26 AM »
I did a search on keyword preventative in this forum in the hopes that there is one place one can look up to get the very best ideas to help prevent this seemingly unpreventable dreadful disease.   Those that have survivor pets would want to read this thread since I understand that relapse is possible especially during the first year.   

Please post your experiences and ideas here on what you have done that you believe contributed to the prevention of blastomycosis for you furry loved one.   
Case Studies / CASE STUDY - BRECKER German Shepherd Dog
« Last post by pmifsud on February 10, 2018, 07:32:55 AM »
First Name of Patient   (Helpful if used in the title)
Species (human, dog, cat)
Sex   -   MALE
Age at first symptoms   -  7 Months
Year of first symptoms   - 2016
Country   - CANADA
Patient's Locality (town/state/prov)   - KESWICK, ONTARIO
Did this patient survive?   - YES
Was there an official medical diagnosis of Blastomycosis?   YES
How and where do you think this patient caught Blastomycosis?   Manitoulin Island during camping trip
Symptoms   -  swollen left paw pinky digit, lethargy, lesions front right forearm, painful hind legs,  loss of appetite
Treatment   - Sporanox 8 months, PEMF, Oil of Oregano, Nathuropatic Remedies to support internal organs,
Cost of Treatment (optional)    ::) $10,000
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Brecker - 7 Month Old German Shepherd
« Last post by pmifsud on February 09, 2018, 05:52:38 PM »
I came across this site today.  I wanted to share Brecker's story of survival.   Brecker was a happy 7 month old German Shepherd when he was finally diagnosed with Blastomycosis. The story begins when we had been working with Brecker in obedience classes.  In September of 2016,  we had attended a  demonstration class on tracking.    Brecker did a couple of tracking exercises where he did so well.  On the last tracking exercise we noticed a slight limp in his gate and did not think much of it.   A day or so later the limp was much more noticeable.  Upon further inspection we saw that his pinky digit on his front left paw was very swollen.  There were no visible signs of any cuts or lesions.   The first time we took him to the vet we were advise to soak his paw in epsom salt and cold compress thinking it might by something stuck in his paw.   No improvement.  On the next visit to the vet we had him x-rayed at our request.   The x-ray showed that a bone in that digit had been disintegrating.    The vet thought he might have bone cancer. We contacted our breeder who suggested to ask the vet to prescribe an antibiotic and just give it a try before taking any other decisions.     We were prescribed a strong broad spectrum antibiotic.  His health continued to deteriorate quickly over the next several days. He was lethargic.  By now he had pain in both his front legs and could not put weight on his hind legs.   Our veterinarian had referred us to the local pet emergency hospital.  They advised that we order a full body CT scan, blood and urine work.   While we were waiting for the reports, he became even more lethargic.   By now he was unable to walk.  We had to carry him out each time he needed to go bathroom. He was not eating, but was drinking water at times through a syringe.  We were hand feeding him whatever he liked, eggs, sardines and kibble in small portions.   We thought we were going to lose him. He went down hill so fast.   The lab test and radiology report confirmed he had contracted systemic blastomycosis.  The vet immediately prescribed Sporanox (itraconazole).    Once the medication took affect, he developed open sores on his right leg forearm.   We were told that when the organisms die that he may have open wounds and sores.    He started to improve after about two weeks of medication.    Brecker was on  Sporanox for about 8 months.   We were were doing blood and urine work about every 8 weeks to track the progress and checking the condition of his organs due to drug side effects.   His liver after about 5 months was showing some signs of stress but never serious.  We have a PEMF bed that we had Brecker lie on twice a day full body.  With the help of our naturopathic vet we supported his immune system and organs with remedies including administering ozone water.  He was on high doses of vitamin C. 
This is a nasty disease that is not easy to diagnose and remedy.  Although you can never say cost is a factor, we spent $10K in vet bills and drugs.    In fact in this case Brecker was initially misdiagnosed as having bone cancer.    We don't know for sure  how he contracted it but in August that year we went on a camping trip on Manitoulin island where we understand it to be one of the known hotspots for the fungus. We think that is where the spores might have entered his body through his left pinky digit, not the lungs because he did not suffer any breathing or coughing issues.  We think now that one of the risk factors is that he was a 5 month old puppy in August with  not a fully developed immune system.  Not sure if that makes a difference.     The X-ray showed he had a few minor nodules in his lungs which we believe systemically travelled from his front paw.  His eyes were not affected.   We stopped the medication in May once the urine test showed inconclusive for the disease.  We started using oil of oregano as altenative anti-fungal for two months - two weeks off, two weeks on.   We continued the PEMF treatment and recommended supplements and remedies until the fall of 2017.  I am happy to report that Brecker is in full remission with no symptoms and happy and smart.    For this summer, we are thinking we will re-administer the oil of oregano as a preventative measure.

We feel for other pet owners who have pets that contracted this awful disease whether they survive or not.   Our experience tells us that Blasto should be one of the first diseases to rule out because it is so nasty and seems to be on the increase in these fungus hot zone regions and because it mimics other more serious diseases like bone cancer. 

Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: New to Blastomycosis with our Dog
« Last post by Harleys Mom on January 30, 2018, 05:45:47 AM »
Glad to hear Morgan's doing better. It may take several months to be Blasto free, but sounds like he's already headed down the road to recovery, Hooray for Morgan!
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: New to Blastomycosis with our Dog
« Last post by ngreiff on January 29, 2018, 09:24:18 AM »
Thank you for the responses.  Morgan has been under treatment for about 2 weeks now and shows remarkable improvement.  It's looking like we caught the disease in the early stages.  He still has a "blister" on his nose, and one on his side, but no other breakouts.  As of today he's walking without a noticeable limp but is slow to walk up stairs or jump on the bed.  I've been taking him on short walks (about 15-20 minutes) to get him fresh air and keep up his strength.  His appetite has returned (thank God for peanut butter!) and he's taking his meds well.  He goes back to the vet on Wednesday so we should have a progress report at that time.  Thank you for responding and giving us some guidelines as to what to look for.  You have been very helpful and we truly appreciate it.
Case Studies / Mable
« Last post by oakes cove on January 24, 2018, 10:17:37 AM »
Species: Dog chocolate lab
Sex: Female
Age: 5 yrs
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Locality: Wawa Ontario
Survived: yes
Medical Diagnosis of Blastomycosis: yes after 2 month

 In my yard, We live right on lake superior where all the bad flooding happened in the fall of previous year. Everything was very wet all summer. She was chewing a stick that had some white fuzz on it and chocked on a piece. Husband had to pull the stick out of her throat, not sure if it scratched her throat allowing some fungal spores in or not.  Never thought anything about it. Until two weeks later. She developed pneumonia and swollen lymph nodes all over her body.  We still can not say if it was the grounds in general or the stick that actually caused the Blasto.

 Coughing, wheezing, no energy, loss of appetite, blood in stools, lame foot, lesion just starting on her front paw. then they developed lesions on her eyebrow, all her feet developed sores we had to carry her in and out of house for month, all lymph nodes were swollen on her, Mable must of had CNS she did go fully blind.

Brought to a vet out of town and he gave antibiotics thinking it was pneumonia. The pills did not work. We had went back few days later had exrays and blood work. He said dog was full of cancer and put her down. It was classic cancer diagnosis for this doctor.

Feeling frustrated we did not listen. We took her home to die. Upon reading on the way out of Sault we kept googling symptoms and blasto kept coming up. We called vet back and he said no he was sure it was not that and it was cancer by all the tests. So we totally ignored that and thought the dog would die either way so we took things into our own hands. We learned about fungal in a matter of two hours. Relating it to a yeast infection that women get we thought if we bought the yeast infection cream we could let her lick it and it may help. So we walked into the pharmacy to buy the cream. To our surprise they actually sold a pill called fluconazole right off the shelf that is for yeast infections. So we bought every thing they had right off the shelf.

We knew the pills had to be strong because it said for an average woman to take one pill once and be cured from yeast infection in less than week. We found the site and started to read what we needed to do and learned what others were going through with there pets. We knew then that's what Mable had.

We went through the ups and downs of the disease with her. Few times we thought it was death coming. It was the ten days of hell after we started the fluconazole, the lesions were just busting out on her. Not sure why, wondered it that's where the fungal disease try to escape the body. Still not sure.

Contacted the out of town vet and told him what we were doing and had been reading about eye issues and he still did not want to listen to our plea. So we just stopped dealing with him. Mable went blind completely blind within one month of disease. I do believe Mable may not of went blind if she was given the drops for glaucoma early on.
After a few months of treatment and coming to a stand still we found a vet that travels through our community.

He did a full exam of mable and a swab on an open sore and diagnosed the blasto within 10 minutes. So we were right. We shared our mishap with previous vet and developed a relationship with him and he has put us on the right track of treatment. Every case is different in the way the disease takes over the body. He switched our meds and we did liver function tests and Mable's were almost perfect. I credit that to the lecithin and milk thistle.

3 physical exams
3 Xrays,
3 blood work,
3 lung swabs

15 physical exams and 20 touch base phone calls
5 blood tests
5 liver function tests
4 lesion swabs
2 miro vista tests

Herbal meds administered to Mable

oxygen: 3 times day for five minutes, just allowed hose to lay by her face for easier breathing.

Herbal Meds list:
oregano oil 2 drops 4 times daily antifungal and antibacterial,
lecithin pill 2 times daily & milk thistle 2 times daily for liver function,
colloidal silver in water,
coconut oil for lesions,
Epsom salts for washing

Conventional Meds:
 -fluconazole,  3 pills daily, for 3 months, switched to spronax 3 times daily for another 7 months
-prednisone 2 mg 2 times daily, we knew prednisone would increase appetite, and give a false sense of feeling better, yes I know it is bad for blasto disease. however, we came to realize that it probably saved her from drowning in the yeast/fungus that was concentrated in her lungs. meaning it stopped an embolism in her lungs. Weaned her off the prednisone after 5 months
We were lucky that we had a senior parent on hand who had access to prednisone or we may have lost the fight. Its bad to use someone elses meds, at this point we had nothing to lose.
we also used yeast infection cream for lesions
We did not use any antibacterial soaps near her for washing lesions.
We used Epsom salts and warm clean clothes for washing lesions. soaked her paws in Epsom salts and dried well

FOODS & NOURISHMENT: All bad for blasto but she needed strength. Mable would not eat so we force fed her. After 1 month she regained her appetite.
carnation good start infant formula: in 2 ounce syringe every two hours
pedialytes liquid: 2 ounces in syringe every two hours
peanut butter: with pills

Over $10,000. Not all at once it was a slow chip    Considering I have had 6 dogs over my life time that lived to be in there teen years that have not had an ailment to cost money, except for spaying and neutering.   I can live with the cost it. oh and I don't believe in the shots/ needles for animals because my dogs never leave the yard so I have not even had that expense.

Mable's lost site has not really slowed her any. We just keep furniture placement the same, no clutter on floors like shoes or toys. We keep vehicles in yard in same placement order. We have lots of big rocks to climb on and bush to explore and she is quite independent. She swims, and goes after squirrels. She had older dogs, brother and sister, with her on this ordeal and they helped her with the confidence she needed to manoeuvre the house and yard. she is the only one left she is 10 years now. Her brother lived to be 15  her sister lived to be 10.

We always get asked why we spent so much money and energy on Mable. It does sound outrageous and it is. Yet, a few years back we would not of been able to do it financially. We still really could not do it BUT...for all the learning we have gained and how this disease works has opened up new doors to respect not only the herbal medicines but the conventional ones as well.
Mable is the only one left with us now and we are grateful for everyday. We had one relapse but nothing like we experienced in the beginning. She has a way of sparkling up our world, feeling for ourselves or ailments is nothing compared to what we saw mable go through. She never growled, fussed or lost faith in us. You cant always win in life but we are thankful for the win on this one. 

We could of went to school and learn about this or go through the experience. Its just the cost of learning.

Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: Could it be blasto?
« Last post by Harleys Mom on January 23, 2018, 10:33:19 AM »
Sorry to see your dog is not well. The x-ray does kind of look like the 'snowstorm' pattern that is typical of Blasto, but there is a urine test that can be done for Blasto too. Your vet would have to send a sample to Mira Vista lab in Indianapolis, Indiana. I don't know what the cost would be, but a collecting a urine sample is not very invasive. It may take a while to get the test results, so you may want to see if your vet will start your dog on antifungal medication right away as a precaution. If it is cancer, a week or 2 of antifungal drugs are not likely to make much difference, but if it is Blasto, the medication will start working against the fungus right away. Like any illness, the sooner it's treated, the better.

I hope things work out alright for your bulldog.
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: New to Blastomycosis with our Dog
« Last post by Harleys Mom on January 23, 2018, 10:08:29 AM »
So sorry to hear your dog has this nasty disease, but sounds like you've got him on the right track with Itraconazole & getting him to eat some. The blasto fungus can infect bones too, so this may be causing your dog's limp. My Harley had x-rays of his front leg because he was limping & the Blasto infection looked similar to the snowstorm pattern seen in lung x-rays. A couple of his toes were so infected the vets were concerned they may need to amputate them, but the meds worked & he got to keep his toes.

As Oakes Cove said, blisters & oozing sores are pretty common with Blasto. My vet actually diagnosed Harley with Blasto by looking at a smear of fluid from what I thought was an insignificant little insect bite. The vet said they can also see the fungus in fluid drawn from swollen lymph nodes, but the vet has to be pretty experienced to recognize the fungus. Harley's x-rays weren't showing much change after a couple months so the vets doubled his dosage. He went from having a couple sores to having them everywhere, but his next x-rays did show significant Blasto reduction. The vet suggested using an athletes foot cream on the sores, since that too is an antifungal.

There's a lot of commonalities with Blasto, but still seems like no 2 are exactly the same, but this forum is loaded with lots of anecdotal information from a lot of people. My Harley was an 8+ year Blasto survivor, but unfortunately lost the battle to Father Time & passed in late 2016 at around 15 years old. I'm hoping your boy will be a Blasto survivor too!
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Could it be blasto?
« Last post by Marcus on January 22, 2018, 11:25:30 AM »
Hello everybody,

sorry for my english, but it's not my first Language.
My english bulldog has been rexrayed and diagnosis of lung cancer was made; I am totally disperate because there was no symptom... I can't believe it.
Do you think is there any chance it could be blasto?
Please find attached his x-rays,
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