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Oh one last thing gently patting her near her lungs chest area may help loosen up mucus. Not for too long either. Movement is good to keep things loose.  Ok thats it. Thanks CD
Hey. I think that your doing okay with your dog Ella. You might be seeing the getting worse before getting better stage. The night time for any sick person or animal always feels worse. Is there a spot in your home that can have fresh air flow through without your dog getting a draft or chill.   Mable is my dog she is 4 yrs surviving the blasto. I would try also try some vicks on a towel kinda near but not in her face. Is there anyone you know who has oxygen. My father inlaw was so we just turned on bottle and let the oxygen flow out near her face for a few minutes a day. Our story is on here with the treatment process we used.  Great to her she is eating.  Do you offer her many drinks of water throughout the day. That helps to.  Each day with this disease presents different challenges and every dog and situation is different.  Sounds like your doing the right things.  Ps the milk thistle is good to keep liver function as well as lecithin. Now our vet believes a wee bit about herbal meds complimenting conventional.
Hi everyone,

Ella will have her 10th dose today. Her respiration since perhaps day 6 has continuously increased- she is perhaps at 100 breaths per min now. I am so scared to give her the 10th dose today and wonder if she will struggle tonight as usually after Itraconazole, she has a had time being comfortable.

I am unsure if she has improved as such, I am still able to get her to eat, which is great. I have now added milk thistle and slippery elm bark to make sure she is okay.

She seems to just want to rest and breathe. It is so hard to watch her like this, but I am hoping this is the part where everyone says "it gets worse before it gets better"

She usually has her Itraconazole at 8:30pm of 150mg then in the morning at 8.30am I usually give her Previcox.

I am wondering if I can give her Previcox perhaps tonight to help with her breathing just in case it continues to increase? Does anyone have a suggestion? Do you think I should take her to the Emergency tonight just in case?

She seems to get really really tired, drips water from her mouth as soon as we walk a little now, by little I mean little- just out the gate 4,5 steps... just wondering if it will get better OR not for us...I am so so sad right now but trying to believe hard that I am doing the right thing and may be she will get through this.

Let me know if anyone of you used Previcox and whether I can give it to her earlier tonight just in case for her breathing (I am not even sure it will help her)
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: Hi Lisa
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Updating the forum software now. Let me know here if you continue to have trouble with the Search feature. Thanks!
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Re: Hi Lisa
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HI Lisa,

Not sure if you saw my post about the "search" function not working?

It gives an error, when trying to search for anything.

Thank you for all your help.
Hi everyone,

Ella as everyone knows has not been diagnosed as such. However, we started Itraconazole 7 days ago. 

Day 6 and Day 7- I would say Ella struggled to breathe a bit more. She seems to breathe rapidly and can't rest after Itraconazole perhaps a few hours after. Since we give her the capsules at 8:30pm everyday (since her first dose was given late), in the middle of the night she seems to struggle to breathe- which makes us very alarmed and scared. I have a fan running pretty much all day/night.

During the day she seems to like sitting/sleeping outside, perhaps a little breeze helps her to breathe better.

I am starting to doubt everything and wonder whether I am doing the right thing- It is so hard to see your baby struggle. She used to be such a happy/active/full of energy dog- who ran/danced/swam - so all of a sudden as soon as she walks a little to go to the bathroom or anything- she pants heavily- and water drips from her mouth- its literally water drops.

In the morning, for breakfast and when I give Ella her Previcox, she does not seem interested in food at all. Today was the first day I had to open her mouth and put the food in.

Then about 1-2 hours after, she was okay to eat- I say okay because then she tasted- liked and ate okay.

Im hoping that tonight when giving the medication and dinner she won't resist too much. Again this is hard for us as Ella is a beagle ,she used to eat salad leaves, ALL veggies you can think of - pretty much anything and everything. She was never ever picky.

I keep doubting because I don't have a diagnosis to keep me going- I have my gut feeling and perhaps emotions (which is not a reliable thing), so then I question whether I am doing the right thing for her. Does she want to be here when she cannot do all the things she loves.

And what if I was wrong? What if I was doing all this and this cause her death suddenly?

Can Itraconazole make cancer worse? Can it make her lungs MORE congested or restricted? Am I making matters worse?
Does anyone know or has any VET ever mentioned to any of you?

Thank you HarleysMom,

I am considering Milk thistle as I believe Ella after chemo etc would have a low immune and her liver would have had it.

In regards to milk thistle here in Australia- I am finding that at the pharmacy all of them are high concentration, super boost ones- so the mg is wayy to high.

Which brands what type were people using it getting?
Oh one thing. Milk thistle is good for liver function. Also lecithin.   I did both for mable.    Her story is posted on here.   Sounds exactly like what we went through.   Hope all goes well. 
Hi. Im know expert on this in anyway. As for your question about vaporizer i would not recommend doing that.  The meds should start to kick in full blast very soon.  I might use some oregano oil. Only a drop of it. Not a dropper full.  It is very strong and could take dogs breath away. But this is what i did for my dog Mable.  She is four year survivor. That is what i think anyway.  Vaporizer grow fungus. Think of this disease like making bread with yeast. Lol.  Its seems to be similar. Hope thats somewhat helpful. Everydog is different with symptoms glad to hear your dog has appetite. On nice days let your dog lay outside in the fresh air. Barometric pressure can work against you as well.   Do you have access to oxygen.  We did and let the oxygen just kinda be near her. For ten minutes aday.  We did not attach it to her face incase it might of been to strong. Fresh air is really good to help dry out and repair lungs. Ok i think thats all i can offer. Hope all goes well.   
I got the same thing when searching for Itraconazole. Sorry, I'm not much of a computer tech so not much help on this.
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