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Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Appetite
« Last post by Hadeane on September 03, 2018, 09:49:20 PM »
I started Peanut on Itraconazole last week and every day she has been eating less and less. Does this side effect eventually go away?
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Itraconazole
« Last post by Hadeane on August 30, 2018, 01:43:55 PM »
My dog has been diagnosed with blastomycosis. I just got the medication and I'm terrified to give it to her (I know I have to and will). How bad is her breathing going to be when I give it to her? How long before it happens?
Blastomycosis - Pets and Animals / Uzi & Blasto
« Last post by steph on August 20, 2018, 06:19:41 AM »
Good morning!
Our dog Uzi (1.5 year old coonhound) was diagnosed with blasto a week ago.  I am so glad to have found this forum, because there's not a lot of info out there about what happens once they start treatment.
We boarded Uzi for a weekend in July, and picked him up on Sunday July 15th.  He was acting normal, maybe a little tired (which he always his when he comes back from the kennel).  Monday, we did our normal routine - 3 mile walk around lunch time.  Uzi is a very hyper dog, always ready to play and go for a walk.  Tuesday, he seemed a little sluggish, so we cut our walk a little short.  On Wednesday, he struggled to really keep up and had started limping a little on his front paw.  We looked at it, and there was a small cut on the pad of his foot, so naturally we thought that was the cause of limping.  Thursday, we tried to go for a walk, but we barely made it to the end of the street - he couldn't walk fast at all, and was really limping.  Saturday, we called the vet and made an appointment for Monday.  Over the weekend, he stopped limping on the front paw, and started limping on his back leg - holding it up as high as he could.
The vet told us he had a fever, so gave him some amoxicillin and pain meds, thinking it was a small tissue tear (took xrays of his hips and saw nothing).  After a week or so, Uzi had not improved, and was now limping on both the back and front leg (opposite legs, so he could hop around on two legs).  We decided that we wanted to try a different vet (one that was more into holistic treatment and less into just throwing pills at issues). 
When we went to the new vet, Uzi was at the point of having to be carried up/down stairs, and longer distances.  This vet immediately told us to go to the emergency clinic about 40 minutes away and to have a joint tap done.  We drove to the emergency clinic, and instead of paying $500 for a joint tap (which we were willing to do), they wanted us to pay them $2000, and have Uzi hospitalized for 3 days so they could "watch him".  We are not against giving our dog the treatment he needs, but this seemed a little above and beyond, as Uzi was not incapable of walking or eating/drinking (and I work from home, so it's easy to keep an eye on him).  We ended up getting fluids for him and some more amoxicillin and pain meds (still no diagnosis for what was causing the swelling/limping). 
Two days after, the second vet we had visited called us and said he really wanted Uzi to be tested for blasto.  So, Wednesday, we sent the sample to MiraVista and by Saturday we had the diagnosis.  This was about 3 weeks after all of the limping had started.  We were so glad that we were able to find a vet that actually thought about what could be causing the issues instead of just treating the symptoms.
Uzi started taking itra on Monday August 13th - two a day of 100mg for three days, then one a day for the next 60 days. 
We're on day 8 of the itra, and over the past few days, Uzi developed more symptoms than he had before he started taking the itra - he now has sores around his nail beds, and pitting edema in those two legs that were swollen.  We have been putting wet rags and hot water bottles on them to try to get the fluid moving around, but they are still very swollen, and they seem painful.  He also developed a small dry cough over the weekend, but didn't hear it much yesterday or today so far.
We have another vet appointment on Wednesday so the vet can check on him.  From everything I have read here, it seems that developing more symptoms during the first few weeks of treatment is normal...
Sorry for the long post, but there was a lot of story to get out, and it's just nice to be able to talk to people who have had the same experience with their dogs!
Maxwell was showing signs of swelling in the nasal passages.  Would make an unusual flapping sounds.  Took him to the local vet given antibiotic.  Each time using the strength.  Vet sent us to a specialist vet.  They did a scoping go the nasal passages taking cell samples.  Thought it was cancer.  Pathology came back negative but unusual cells.  Did another sampling an was diagnosed with Blastomycosis. 
We put him on Sporanox purchased through Canada.  He also was taking Vitamin D.  Developed skin lesions on his body in April 2018.  Diagnosed as a skin staph infection.  Treated with antibiotics, anti-itch meds.  This is now July and they have healed.  Max then developed a severe ear infection.  Could have been caused by wearing a cone to prevent biting at lesions.  Removed cone at our choice and monitored him.  With treatment ear infection went away.  Too weeks ago he developed a 105 degree fever.  I notice him wincing when being petted.  Stay 3 days at vets.  He is now in recovering at home and doing well.  Blood test, and urine analysis has shown he is now Blastomycosis free.  Max never showed signs of the fungal infection in the lungs.  Just in the nasal passage.
He is a male 5 yrs. old
Diagnosed in Winter of 2018.
We live in Spring Grove,Illinois/McHenry County/USA
Yes he was on Sporanox.
Yes is has survived.  As of July 14 is Blastomycosis free.
We believe he picked it up at Kohler-Andre State Park in Wisconsin on a camping trip at the end of October. 
There is light beyond the tunnel.  Our standard poodle Maxwell has been battling blasto for 5 months.  After serious staph infection under his skin ,  ear infection( caused by having to wear a cone to prevent him from biting at the skin lesions and meningitis he is blasto free.  Will get another blood and urine test in August.  He is recovering from meningitis with 105 degree temp.  During this time he has lost 20 pounds.  But he never stopped eating or drinking and we never stopped fighting the battle.  He is coming back to his normal.  I know this seems so hard to see your pet go thru.  But they are aware you and the vets are trying to help.  Max will need a ACL repair but need to wait on this till next test results.
Hello.  How is today?
Hello again.  Glad there is some light at this time. Oil of oregano and milk thistle can be done twice aday.   It will not hurt.   
As far as lightly pounding his chest.  Just cup your hands and lightly tap around his rib cage where his lungs are. We did sides and undersided.  Just gently though. 
We read the plan for prednizone. And i would really watch how you wean him off.  We are not doctors in anyway however when Mable was weaned off it almost seemed like she relapsed.  So be prepared for those changes.  Talking with your vet and watching Simon closely you will know what he can and can not handle.  We did 5 mg and it took us months to wean mable off.  She was very ill from the disease though.  If you record everything on paper for even yourself it will help keep things in perspective.   
And sleeping outside in the day or evening near the fresh air is good.  Moisture i dont think is a good thing for his lungs.   
The fungus needs to dry up.  Fresh air will help.
Sounds like you are going the right way.  And it will be normal to be up and down for few months. That seems to be part of disease. Im glad you dont have lesions.  Hopefully youse have caught the disease before that. 
Stay strong and read this site there is endless amounts of information and some older members with much knowledge as well.   It truely is a great site.   Take care keep us posted.  CD KA  northern ontario canada
hi carla & kurt, thank you so much for your emails and replies to the post. i figure i may as well respond on the thread in case anyone else is going through this and sees this. Today is day 4 of the blasto treatment. Last night he seemed so pitiful, like he had no strength. Today he has been a a little bit better. He is holding his head up more and seems more comfortable than yesterday. He is walking on his own, and seems to have the drive to go on. His appetite is also better today. I guess from what i've read, he will have good days and bad days. SImon weighs about 70 pounds and gets 200 mg twice daily, for a total of 400 mg daily. The vet prescribed him 15 mg of prednisone for 2 weeks only, then we are stopping cold turkey. She told me it is not an immunosuppressive dose, it's an anti-inflammatory dose for a dog his size.

Carla, could you help me understand better how you and your husband tapped on Mable's lungs to loosen mucus? Simon has barked a few times yesterday and today, and it kind of sounds like when a human has congested cough. we don't have access to an oxygen tank, unfortunately.

simon spent most of last night sleeping on our screened-in porch with my husband, trey. he has also enjoyed being out there quite a bit today, too. we live in cincinnati and we have hot and humid summers. thankfully today has been a bit cooler. i wonder if the humidity is helping his lungs, or if it could be aggravating. either way, today he seems a little better for sure.

also, no skin lesions. is that something that happens after treatment begins, or would that have happened before?

about the oil of oregano and milk thistle -- do we give that to him once a day? twice? it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, it's supposed to be here tomorrow.

finally, about my sobriety -- i am absolutely not even thinking about sabotaging that. i know my boy needs me at my 100% best for him! i don't ever want to go back to using drugs and alcohol, ever. i am just trying to paint the picture of how i'm feeling right now with all of this -- very anxious, very panicky, very sick. i can't thank you enough for your kind words of encouragement and advice. i really need it right now.
Opps again. Sorry this is really important but i never paid no mind to it.  Your dog needs you full on and sober right now.  You have to take yourself out of your own head and focus on getting him better. Calm sober and collected.  Its about him and you can do this. No matter the outcome you are doing your very best by the sounds. I can just tell by the post. Take all of the knowledge you are learning and put it to use. It will all work out the way it is suppose to. Please let me know in post or email how Simon is doing.   
Opps i need to say more about eating.
If it takes a medicine dropper to get food and water into him so be it.  Gatorade , water , baby formula tsp peanut butter.  All bad for blasto but he needs to keep his strength up and you have to take over. I did this every half hour. When home and before i would have to leave.  Its quit time consuming but thats life. Ok. Like i said i did send email as well.  Take care. 
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