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Title: Miracle Murray the mini Poodle
Post by: Cwood on March 06, 2018, 06:53:19 PM
10 year old. Perfect health. Had a strange cough while visiting Georgian Bay in August.
Lasted a day.
Cough returned in January. Kind of intermittent. Vet visit and Prescribed antibiotics. Cough went away but he didn't seem quite himself for weeks.

Son took him to university for a few weeks and called and said he was acting really weird. Back kind of arched, staying in one place. Lethargic and cough. Took him to vet and they did xray and said bit of fluid on lungs. Prescribed antibiotics. Cough subsided but still acting odd.   He also had a strange scab on his left side just above his haunch. Like an abrasion that he was licking at. Was also walking strangely with a limp. We though scab could be a tick or something. Back to vet. They felt he had a front leg injury and was favouring it and in pain, thus the behavior and limp. I was skeptical because there was no event for an injury.  Said haunch scab was nothing, just a scrape. Took blood.

He further deteriorated and developed a number of other really nasty weeping lesions. One under his left front leg armpit that was like a full on hole. My son explained it best... Like a bubble of bubble gum with a hole in it...leaking puss!  Explains the limp. The emerge vet was appalled. This happened in a matter of a day or two. Other one was in his groin. They took swabs for cultures. Took him off antibiotics.
Three days later they said he had blasto. Began sopranox liquid. For first week he would only lay in one place, absolutely lethargic but would eat if you delivered him to favourite food. Would drink and eliminating as normal. Very rapid and shallow respiration through days 4 to 6 of meds. Second culture came back with a secondary bacterial infection. Back on antibiotics 3 days ago. We were torn on surgery to close the nasty sore under his pit but decided to go with peroxide cleaning and cone. First few days it was disgusting and weeping yellow goo but looks much healthier now.  This morning I had to carry him downstairs and out to pee. Slept much of the day. Tonight when I came home he was almost back to his old playful self! He is now exhausted but I think he is over the hump of the antifungal doing its work.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

Title: Re: Miracle Murray the mini Poodle
Post by: Cwood on March 10, 2018, 06:28:22 PM
Continued progress. His evenings he is now playful and his sores, including the nasty one, are healing nicely.
Title: Re: Miracle Murray the mini Poodle
Post by: MyboyJax on April 13, 2018, 08:16:06 AM
Glad to see this post. Hope he's continuing to progress.  We are on day 4 of the itra and our boy is breathing very fast and shallow too. It was good to read that this may be somewhat normal. We just want him better!  It's so hard to watch your best buddy deteriorate in front of you.