Author Topic: Maxwell Standard Poodle Diagnosed with Blastomycosis January 2018  (Read 188 times)

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Maxwell was showing signs of swelling in the nasal passages.  Would make an unusual flapping sounds.  Took him to the local vet given antibiotic.  Each time using the strength.  Vet sent us to a specialist vet.  They did a scoping go the nasal passages taking cell samples.  Thought it was cancer.  Pathology came back negative but unusual cells.  Did another sampling an was diagnosed with Blastomycosis. 
We put him on Sporanox purchased through Canada.  He also was taking Vitamin D.  Developed skin lesions on his body in April 2018.  Diagnosed as a skin staph infection.  Treated with antibiotics, anti-itch meds.  This is now July and they have healed.  Max then developed a severe ear infection.  Could have been caused by wearing a cone to prevent biting at lesions.  Removed cone at our choice and monitored him.  With treatment ear infection went away.  Too weeks ago he developed a 105 degree fever.  I notice him wincing when being petted.  Stay 3 days at vets.  He is now in recovering at home and doing well.  Blood test, and urine analysis has shown he is now Blastomycosis free.  Max never showed signs of the fungal infection in the lungs.  Just in the nasal passage.
He is a male 5 yrs. old
Diagnosed in Winter of 2018.
We live in Spring Grove,Illinois/McHenry County/USA
Yes he was on Sporanox.
Yes is has survived.  As of July 14 is Blastomycosis free.
We believe he picked it up at Kohler-Andre State Park in Wisconsin on a camping trip at the end of October. 

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Re: Maxwell Standard Poodle Diagnosed with Blastomycosis January 2018
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Can you tell me the specialty vet you took him too  Thanks